Saturday 4 April 2015

Puffed rice chocolate nests

This is probably the easiest Easter recipe ever! All you need is chocolate, puffed rice or you can use corn flakes too and some mini chocolate eggs or marshmallows to put on top. You can get the kids involved in helping you decorate the eggs :)


120 g puffed rice
175 g dark chocolate, chopped roughly (you can use milk chocolate)
Mini chocolate eggs


Put the chocolate pieces in a heat proof glass bowl and place it on a saucepan of simmering water. Stir gently until the chocolate melts.

Once the chocolate is melted remove from the heat, add the puffed rice slowly and combine well. 

Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and press gently to form a well in the middle (which I haven't done as I was distracted by the chocolate but thought I should specify in the recipe ;)) to create a nest shape. Don't forget to lick that spoon! 

Refrigerate the chocolate eggs for a couple of hours and then place a few mini chocolate eggs on each nest. 

I decorated my chocolate platter with the rest of the mini chocolate eggs and maltesers bunnies. These bunnies are so cute!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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