Sunday 2 March 2014

Simple halloumi and pesto wrap

My husband and I had been to Greenwich market and I was looking forward to eating the halloumi and lamb wrap, but guess what, they were out of halloumi! 
Since then my taste buds have been crying for halloumi - I just had to have it! 
I decided to make a simple wrap and was very satisfied with the results :)


Tortilla Wraps - Any kind (I used the wheat and white wraps)
Halloumi cheese  (I used Papouis light with mint)
Green pesto ( I used the light version)
1 tomato 
Chilli in vinegar (optional)


Cut the halloumi cheese in 1 cm thick pieces. Try not to cut them very thin. Also cut the tomato in 1 cm thick slices.

Place a pan on medium heat. Grill the halloumi for a minute on each side until lightly brown.Remove and keep aside.

Heat the tortilla for a minute on both sides or in the microwave for 30 seconds. Apply 2 tsp of pesto on the wrap.

Place the tomato slices and then the halloumi. I added a chilli on mine to make it spicy.You may add other ingredients such as salad, mayonnaise etc

Wrap and enjoy. 


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