Friday 21 March 2014


Affogato is an Italian coffee based beverage/dessert. A shot of espresso is poured on vanilla ice-cream - the bitter espresso is perfectly set off by the creamy and sweet ice-cream. My first experience of affogato was in an Italian restaurant London. This is my version of an Affogato with the ingredients I had.

Serves 2


Vanilla Ice-cream - 4 scoops (I used clotted cream Ice-cream)
Coffee - 2 shots of espresso


Make the espresso. I made it in my little moka pot :)

Keep the bowls ready with ice-cream (2 scoops per bowl). When the espresso is ready, pour it over the ice-cream just before serving. 

The clotted cream ice-cream gave it a wonderful creamy texture. This also solved my dilemma of whether to have ice-cream or coffee after dinner :)

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