Saturday 8 March 2014

Unsweetened apple sauce

I needed unsweetened apple sauce for a recipe so decided to make some at home. It is so simple, there is absolutely no need to go out and buy a jar. 


500 gms apples
3 cloves
A stick of cinnamon 
1/4 cup water and some more if needed

Roughly peel all the apples and core them. Slice the apples about 1 cm thick. Add the apples to a saucepan with 1/4 cup water. 

Add the cloves and the cinnamon stick. Cover and let it simmer on a low flame for 15-20 minutes. Add a bit more water if it starts drying out. Conversely, cook them uncovered if there's too much water. What you're looking for at the end are well softened apples with very little liquid. 

Once the apples are cooked, remove the cinnamon stick and cloves. Either purée the apples in a food processor or mash them with a potato masher. I used the food processor. 

This apple sauce can be used in various low calorie baking recipes :)

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