Hello there! Thank you for stopping by! I started this blog a few years back to keep note of all my recipes - my random experiments and the ones I got from my mom. I never really did any cooking until I moved out for studies and then had to fend for myself. I did manage to survive, and soon started enjoying experimenting in the kitchen. And of course I called and pestered (still do) my mom for recipes and suggestions on how to cook a particular item. :)

I now live in London with my husband. I have been in love with this city since I first set foot here, 10 years ago when I came here to study. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Bombay (Mumbai), the city I grew up in. One thing I absolutely love about London is that it is multicultural just like Bombay. This has helped me develop my palate for different cuisines and I have been enjoying trying out recipes at home.
Stressful working hours and long commutes make it very tempting to order takeaways everyday. My husband and I have been however making an effort to cook most days and we try to eat as healthy as possible. Making quick and easy everyday meals has made me look at cooking as a stress buster rather than a task.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them! :)


We have a one year old baby now! Time really goes so fast! 
I am still cooking most days at home and even more consciously now, so that the little one eats balanced and nutritious meals everyday. I just haven't been able to write down the recipes as most of  my time goes in running behind the little one.  I still do plan to keep blogging about our food adventures - now with the little one, who also is already a foodie like us (Yay!!) 


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