Saturday 13 June 2015

Frozen banana, spinach and flaxseed smoothie (vegan)

If frozen bananas were a brand, they would definitely make me their brand ambassador! Every time someone starts talking about having to throw away bananas because they were going black, I jump in and say "Have you tried freezing them?". If you look in my freezer, you'll always find freezer bags with some chopped bananas. I find them very convenient to use in smoothies, especially in the mornings - just add some coconut water and you have a lovely chilled banana shake. You don't need to add any sugar as the bananas provide a natural sweetness. Also since the bananas are frozen, you don't even need to add any ice.

Here's another favorite smoothie recipe, which is healthy and a great way to get those greens in you!


1 banana, chopped and frozen
1 cup coconut water
1 tbsp flaxseed meal
2 handfuls of spinach


Add the ingredients to a powerful blender and blend until it all comes together.

p.s. You can also make ice-cream from frozen bananas! Have a look at my guilt free ice-cream recipe if you haven't already :) 

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